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Sabtu, 21 Desember 2019 - 15:53 WIB

Forget That Facelift – “Wrap” Your Face into Shape

A non-surgical technique for lifting double chins, reducing puffiness around the eyes, and improving the appearance of wrinkles is now available in the form of an easy-to-use home kit called The Face Wrap. (

Previously available as a salon-only treatment, The Face Wrap lifts and tightens drooping areas on the forehead, face, and under the chin by firmly wrapping them up in a mineral-soaked, non-allergenic “face wrap” constructed of non-latex elasticized cotton fabric.

“The liquid minerals are the secret to the Face Wrap,” says Sarah Bolger, The Face Wrap’s spokesperson. “The minerals, which are all-natural, draw out impurities from the complexion while giving the skin a firmed and tighter look on the outside and a rejuvenated feel to the underlying tissues.”

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Bolger says the all-natural, one-hour facial beautification procedure is safe and painless.

“Our Face Wrap kits have wrapped many thousands of faces, and we’ve learned how to produce wonderful changes,” says Bolger. “For those looking for an alternative to cosmetic surgery, wrapping your face is an easier way to reduce double chins and puffiness, lift and tighten the skin and enhance your own natural beauty.”

Bolger also recommends exfoliating before using to allow the minerals to absorb better, and exercising the face daily with a few simple exercises.

Working women want to look their best – especially after 50. But let’s face it, most working women find it difficult to carve out an hour or two a week for visits to the day spa. That’s the appeal of the home kit. The one-hour treatment can be done at home while reading or on the computer or while resting.

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Women generally look five- to ten years younger after a series of three to six treatments. Most people are surprised to see their cheekbones and jaw bones again!

Visit for more information. The kit costs $139 and contains enough minerals for at least 20 treatments, or about $7 per treatment. A lot less than $80-plus for various salon treatments.

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